Cameroonian rapper Fuchor says he is coming to preach and redeem the Cameroonian industry. He spits some facts that occur both in the entertainment industry. He addresses love to everyone

Main points among others:
?There is no dialogue, everything is fight.
?Please change the system we are tired.
?Nominee in an Award where to win you must bribe
?Enter industry as upcoming artiste , Bloggers are just landing bill.
?Unity that’s the first aim
?Artiste who envies when his fellow artistes are succceding
?If you don’t know a « grand frère » who knows another « grand frère » forget about this music.
?« YOU ENTER PROJECT AS VIXEN, FINISH AS SIDE CHICK » wety be wrong with artistes ? They no just want see Bobby »
? Ask Syndy Emade « for that sector them dey hear hot, before you sign a big deal, be ready for a big dick. »
?« Young boy way dey sing well una dey deny for push ei because ei no get money. The one way dey sing trash, una decide for push yiii because ei dey give shi shi. »
Fuchor says he believes change is still possible.
We won’t be commenting on this. We want to get your point. Truth or Tah❓

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