Cameroonian rapper, singer & serial hit maker, Ko-C has slammed Stanley Enow calling him very stupid and dull.

Well, for Ko-C, Stanley Enow is very selfish. He claims he watched a video where Stanley Enow was seated with Davido (He didn’t call their names directly but we all know who he is referring to) and when Davido said he knows just Stanley and Eto’o in Cameroon, instead of the King Kong to refute and introduce other artistes, he sat there smiling and all happy they know only him(making him selfish). Ok-C thinks this act of his was very stupid and dull(unintelligent).

Ko-C even went ahead to say to even ridicule the other person who was sitting by him ( Nabstar) & the person taking the video.

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Well, according to fans who watched the video, Ko-C’s claims would have made perfect sense if he was a saint. Of recent according to these fans, he met with Victor AD & when told by AD he is the only Cameroonian artiste he knows, Ko-C did same thing as Stanley Enow. He laughed.

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Here is an extract from what Ko-C was saying in the video.

The other day I watched video, I almost cry. I watched way some man come talk say ei know na only two people. Ei no only this oke and this one and then the person way ei Dey there, way ei stand infront of the man way talk say ei know na only two people for Cameroon ei Dey there do laugh. Very stupid…I no know how una Dey put an for front say, very stupid, u Dey there Dey laugh because some man come talk say for inside your country ei know na only u one and some other person ei sweet you….

Watch full speech on video below :