According to information from ‘Marca’, the city of Bucharest would be Atlético Madrid’s preferred option to play against Chelsea in case the game is not allowed to be played in Spain.

Two weeks before the match between Atlético Madrid and Chelsea in the round of 16 of the Champions League, the Colchoneros still do not know if they will be able to play at home.

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Once again, it is the coronavirus pandemic that sows doubt on the place of the meeting. The virus continues to do a lot of harm, and the Spanish government is reportedly considering not letting Chelsea enter its territory to prevent the spread of the English variant of the virus.

This is the reason why the meeting between Atlético and Chelsea could not be played in the Spanish capital, as Germany decided for the match between Leipzig and Liverpool.

If some spoke of Monaco or Budapest to play the meeting, the daily ‘Marca’ specifies today that the city of Bucharest would be the option preferred by the Madrid club. An Arena Națională that brings back good memories at Atlético, since Atlético won the Europa League there against Athletic Bilbao in 2012.