Mic Monsta is a Cameroonian rap artiste from Kumba [K -Town].

With real names Molua Alous Mosima, the 29years old rapper has alwys uplifted his culture through his music as he calls himself “Njoku” which is very significant to the Bakweri people of the south west region of Cameroon.

The rapper of hit songs like ‘FEAR ʼ, FREEDOM OF SPEECH and founder of Kwata Music INC With projects like 2017 Mic Monsta THE EP and 2018 KWATA DIARY VOL.1, Mic Monsta has been able to attract both National nd international recognition and he is listed as Cameroons finest lyricist.

He started under Best Music Inc Making mix tapes [ My Thoughts THE MIX TAPE] in 2012/2013 and thanks to popular songs like ‘N Wordʼ, ‘Bwamʼ and ‘King Kongʼ which ended him a record deal with Kreef Entertainment. His major label debut was 2016 ‘FEARʼ which earned him praise from mainstream critics for his

storytelling and punchline ability. Mic Monsta has worked with other Cameroonian artist like Salatiel, Mr Leo, Ewube, Jovi , Seta Beatz, Dready Christ, Crispy and many more.

Mic Monstaʼs 2018 project KWATA DIARY vol.1

Under his label Kwata Music INC had music critics calling him the best rapper of his generation. Platforms like Poise Social easily listed Kwata Diary as best album of 2018. With songs like ONE POT SOUP that interprets the outbreak of the Cameroon Anglophone Crisis, Kwata state of Mind that points the everyday lifestyle and CHANGE YA STYLE that became a viral anthem in snack bars and night clubs.

In February 2019, the album was nominated for best album at the Urban Jamz Award.

December 2019 Mic Monsta released Johnny which was the first single from his 4th studio project title “vibes Clinic” The song became a viral street athem all over C)meroon and across Africa.

These had his ever growing fan base excited as they anticipated the the release of the full body of work which is set to be out before the end of 2020.

Positive vibes is the second single from the “vibes Clinic” project and the song has been causing a lot of rejection on social media since it came out.

Mic Monsta recently won Best Hip-Hop Artiste at the 2020 Muzikol awards and Best Male Artiste at the 2020 Green Light Awards.

Mic Monsta’s 4th Studio project Vibes Clinic was released on the 6th of December 2020

The album is a journey to self discovery, healing and growth. While exploring the new Cameroonian sound and telling stories that connects our community to my everyday reality

and lifestyle.