In an article published this Sunday, the Spanish newspaper El Mundo unveiled the details of the contract signed between Lionel Messi and FC Barcelona in 2017. A lease that “ruined” the Blaugrana club.

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This week, Barça published its 2019-2020 economic report, in which he admits to having a total debt of 1.173 billion euros. Is the Covid-19 epidemic the only one responsible for this unprecedented crisis? According to the newspaper ‘El Mundo’, the financial crisis currently hitting Barça does not date from today.

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The Spanish daily has indeed revealed that one of the reasons for this crisis is Lionel Messi and his “pharaonic” contract, signed in November 2017. ‘El Mundo’ has obtained this famous contract and has revealed all the details, which may surprise more than one.

A lease estimated at 555,237,619 euros gross over four years. The Argentinian would have received more than 115 million euros in renewal premium and 77,929,555 million euros in loyalty bonus. To these figures are obviously added the 138 million euros of his salary per year (75 M € net), all including fixed and bonus. And despite an unflattering sporting record in recent years, the N.10 has already received 92% of the total amount. According to ‘El Mundo’, it is quite simply the biggest contract in the history of the sport.

Note that Leo Messi’s solid gold contract expires in June 2021 and, for the moment, there is total uncertainty regarding his future.