At a press conference to prepare for Manchester City’s match against West Brom, Pep Guardiola commented on Frank Lampard’s departure from Chelsea.

This is the news from the start of the week in the football world: Frank Lampard has been sacked from his coaching position at Chelsea after a series of poor results in the Premier League.

And one of the first Lampard counterparts to give his reaction was Pep Guardiola. At a press conference to prepare for City’s game against West Brom (Tuesday at 9:15 p.m.), the Citizens coach was questioned on the subject.

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“Here you have to win. People talk about projects and ideas, but there is no such thing. Either you win or you are fired. I respect Chelsea’s decision, but I hug Frank very tightly.” Pep Guardiola said before sending a compassionate message to Lampard.

“I hope that when the lockdown is over I can go to the restaurant and see it again. We depend on the results, not our way of playing or our philosophy. You have to get results and if you don’t, you will be replaced, ”added Pep Guardiola.