Charlotte Dipanda reveals the relationship she has with Singuila.

Charlotte Dipanda, Cameroonian and Singuila, French of Central African origin (Congo) are both African artists appreciated to by music lovers. However, their perfect collaboration is the subject of several controversies.

During a social media live session, Charlotte Dipanda spoke on the relationship that exists between herself and Singuila. She said :

we must also ask Singuila, but for me, something has happened . I met someone and it worked right away. It was sparkling, however before the Voice, I did not know Singuila personally.

Until before we went to johannesburg. i ran into him at the olympia and there were many cameroon artists there that i didn’t know, he snubbed me, he didn’t even calculate me. A few months later we met in johannesburg on the project (The voice) I think it’s something inexplicable. I met an artist, something happened

Source: Afriqueshowbiz

On the other hand, as for Singuila during an interview with 7 enternment television, the singer explains his relationship with Dipanda and the details of their complicity. Talking with this media, he said :

She and I love each other too much to be a couple. It could be a disaster. As soon as we get together. I don’t want to.

Now the two artists give two different versions. We are waiting to clarify this story in order to allow music lovers to be truly situated.