Fisherman’s Diary, the best movie from Cameroon( Movie review)

Fisherman’s Diary can confidently be termed as the best movie from Cameroon at the moment. Apart from its beauty, Cameroon has got good songs, movies included.

Cameroonian movies have been popping of recent, Fisherman’s Diary being an exceptional.

To begin with, we will like to applaud its themes (subject matter) due to its universality. In as much as we would like to claim women are being treated rightly in our todays society, an honest opinion can clearly see that they aren’t.

Men still feel like, some things are meant just for men, not women.

That is why the Fisherman’s Diary calls on women, reminding them that One Woman, one pen and one candle can change the World.

Just this message is powerful enough. The black girl should know they are magic.

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Equally, Fisherman’s Diary has the highest Awards now as a Cameroonian movie. It blends Camerooian and Nigerian actors. You can see legendary Ramsey Noah.

Also, brings out the talent in children. Everyone in the society feels involve; be it men, children or women.

Again, points out, ridicules and corrects the ills of the society. The song in the Fisherman’s Diary is done by Blaise B and its message matches with the movie.

The lighting, shots and Camera movement are “wow”.

The lighting matches with the movies theme.

With this said, Fisherman’s Diary can be called Cameroon’s best movie at the moment with merited back-to-back Awards Worldwide.

Drop your opinions. You can check out the trailer below :