The Types Of Fans Stanley Enow  and Jovi Have.

Stanley Enow and Jovi are arguably one of the biggest artistes in Cameroon and Central Africa. Their arts has won more fans making them having the biggest fans base in Cameroon. Their fans which happens to be Mboko Gang for Jovi and Kingkong Gang for Stanley Enow differs.. Now take a look at it:

1 NOISE MAKERS: They are usually making loud noise for fun. They are found almost everywhere in the community. They are always the ones to pull up chats about Stanley Enow or Jovi. They usually talk without evidence. You believe or you don’t believe them, it’s your cup of tea. These are the kind of fans you should avoid if you hate having headache because they don’t give up in discussions, arguments etc.

2 CHEERERS: With these types of Fans, they bring gladness, comfort, or solace, shouts and cheers for encouragement or acclamation. They are usually peaceful and they don’t fight in public they will rather observe the Noise Makers fight and give them comforts at their quiet Moments. Don’t waste your time trying to bring up discussions concerning Stanley Enow and Jovi with these ones, they will smile and go their ways.

3 GANGS: They are usually a group of people formed. They move together. They are very wild when it comes to Stanley Enow. Most of them are smokers engage With illegal activities in the quater, they live in ghettos. They will play their favorite songs day in, day out. With these types of Fans, they can’t wait for a release from their gods. Because they know their songs will always have they things they want to hear. They have uncessary facts in arguments. For Example, Jovi is the only mboko Rapper in the world,Stanley Enow is the only artiste that can win Grammy award in Cameroon. All say wehhhhh!!! with this type of Fans.

4 DIE HEART FANS: They are slaves behind their favorites, they see nothing wrong with their favorites. In the eyes of these type of Fans, JOVI and Stanley Enow are always right. They are worshippers, they worship Jovi and Stanley Enow and are ready to do anything to protect them.They follow JOVI and Stanley Enow almost everywhere. Don’t talk against Jovi and Stanley Enow in front of these type of fans, it will end in tears.

5 INDOORS OR INDUSTRIOUS FANS: You can’t know this type of Fan. They are usually behind the scene or indoors. They don’t make noise, they contribute in almost every financial activity that have to do With Stanley Enow and Jovi. They are usually so close to Stanley Or Jovi.

6 LAZYBONES: They do nothing for the growth of the artistes.They don’t contribute financially, morally, spiritually. They are just there. Do something without including them, they will come asking you why you didn’t include them as if they contribute to your growth.Don’t waste time sending links to them, they’re afraid of links and will never open or share it..