Auguste Rim (X-Maleya former memeber) reveals why he left the group.

During the show “Cameroon Feeling” this Friday, September 4, 2020 on national television, Auguste reveales the reasons for his notable absence from this musical troupe.

The famous musical group “X-Maleya”, formerly formed of three members, Roger Samnick, Auguste Rim and Hais Waiter, now has only two people. Auguste Rim hasn’t been a part of it for some time. Guest of the show “Cameroon Feeling”, this Friday, September 4, 2020 on national television, Cameroon Radio Television (CRTV), he returned to the dissensions at the origin of his surreptitious sidelining.

“Based on the facts, I was kicked out of the group… by the other two members. For a long time, I was no longer informed of the group’s activities. For example, the fact that they were at the National Assembly, I learned about it like everyone else on TV. I was very surprised. After, you saw the clip, I am not part…, it is so many things ”, hinted Auguste Rim.

He believes he was ostracized, and despite the involvement of some “relatives” in reconciling them, nothing worked. Nevertheless, he says he is always open to a discussion in the sense of putting the pieces back together. Auguste Rim now has a solo career, and is also involved in the production of young artists, after nearly twenty years with the group X-Maleya.