Cameroonian girl killed at her lover’s house; sub-prefect of Lobethal Kribi.

The young student killed at the home of the sub-prefect of Lokoundje in Kribi was buried last Saturday in Lobethal by Mouanko.

The day before, the brewing ceremony had taken place in a tense atmosphere amid calls for justice. Mouanko, a small town located about forty kilometers from Edea, the capital of the Sanaga-maritime department, had not prepared for such a circumstance. Neither do the parents of Lydienne, a 23-year-old student whose gunshot death on July 25 at the home of her lover, sub-prefect of the Lokoundje, Kribi, continues to stir public opinion. This Saturday, August 29, 2020, Patrice Mboma Ebemby, biological father of Lydienne Solange Taba, could not find the words to part with his daughter.

On the wreath in his hands, an inscription: “Lydienne…!”, And then nothing. When strong hands grasp the deceased’s white and gold coffin covered with a layer of rattan mats and move towards her grave on the right wing of the family home, time seems to stand still. The faces darken, screams and tears echoing in unison. Lydienne Solange Taba was buried around 2 p.m. in Lobethal after a well-deserved wake. His remains arrived the day before at around 7 p.m. after a two-hour stopover in Elog-batindi, where his mother is from. In Lobethal, testimonies followed, some more poignant than the others, under the gaze of the prefect of the ocean, Antoine Bisaga, who made the trip. Patrice Mboma Ebemby told the audience that his daughter was about to continue her studies in Canada next year. For his part, his Majesty Nkomba Bebey Désiré, 3rd degree head of Lobethal warns the alleged perpetrators of this act. “Let it be known that it was indeed an accident,” he insists.

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Cameroon – Kribi drama: disturbing revelations from the victim’s family

For the friends of the young girl, “Lydienne is not dead”, they chant, continuing that “Lydienne is in the moaning tree, she is in flowing water”, as the poet asserts. Birago Diop. Father Gabriel Anda Toko’s funeral oration will revolve around forgiveness. “It is by forgiving that life takes on all its splendor,” said the prelate, officiating of the day. To this end, he mentions some biblical texts in particular “John chapter 10, verses 1-10” and “the 1st letter to the Corinthians, chapter 2, verse 9.”

“Sub-prefect assassin”

The day before, Lydienne Solange Taba’s body was lifted from the mortuary of Kribi District Hospital. In the pouring rain, family, friends and many onlookers came hoping to fix one last look on the missing woman’s face. “We wanted to see what she looked like after this violent shock. It’s very painful, ”one of her friends who made the trip to Kribi told us in tears. On the sidelines of the mortuary ritual, t-shirts and signs were made to convey the desolation and bitterness that live in Lydienne’s relatives. Sometimes harsh messages. You could read and hear, “sub-prefect assassin” during the city tour in Lydienne’s farewell to the seaside resort she loved so much.