Nathalie Koah accused of copying Eto’o’s wife.

Business woman Nathalie Koah has been accused of copying Georgette Eto’o the wife of the former captain of the indomitable lions of Cameroon, Samuel Eto’o.

It all started with a post by Nathalie Koah, where she posted a photo of herself on Monday June 22 with a haircut that her fans described as plagiarism.

According to her subscribers, she copied Georgette Eto’o. She appeared in the picture with African braids that give her a charming glow.

(Translated from French)?

“Georgette Eto’o’s current hairstyle. I saw the hairstyle here at the other. In all cases, we understand it is the command of the big 9. I say that I say nothing. Your rivalry there tchiaaaaa. What is hair styling? ” a fan wrote

On the other hand, a subscriber sided with Nathalie Koah. For him, this is not a debate.

“Leave Nathalie alone, is it Georgette who created this hairstyle?” “He wondersNathalie is not only accused but, she is also indexed as a pregnant woman”Do you have the pregnancy mask?” Anyway .. Good motherhood if that is the case, ”

wrote one internet user, the other added, saying

” I understand why you disrespect people. It is pregnancy that bothers you nationally. ”

Not wanting to make this controversial subject, Nathalie has in a recent video published on her Instagram page, slightly lifted her t-shirt showing her belly which has nothing to do.