Blaise B, Cameroon’s most romantic artist. See how he makes his gf feel very special – Happy Birthday Galega.

Blaise B is officially Cameroon’s most romantic artist for

Today, Blaise B’s girlfriend, Galega turns plus one. The Mr.Romantic singer revealed that he did a verse of Mode Avion when he featured with Madagascar artist, King Hill all for her.

Mon bébé manque, tes levres, tes caresse. I wanna spend time with you…

He didn’t end here, he takes to his WhatsApp social media to repeatedly tell this lady how much he loves him. It is very very rare for Cameroonian artists to actually show their lovers talk more of being very romantic.

Here are some of the photos he shared with love messages.

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screenshot 20200616 072157 whatsapp5521393999520345819

screenshot 20200616 072124 whatsapp3002201730971876553

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Happy brithday to the Beautiful princess.