Mp3 Download Pape Chacool-Baby mamas

Mp3 Download Pape Chacool-Baby mama’s

Mp3 Download Pape Chacool-Baby mama’s

Mp3 Download Pape Chacool-Baby mama’s : In the western world, the reality is very different from the rest of the world especially in Africa.

The song Baby mama’s is a song written by Pape Chacool inspired by a true story. In America, the system is built in a way which it benefits more women than men in general when it comes to issues like divorce, child support or custody etc.

Women seem to be favoured by the system even when they are wrong. Females have been taking advantage of it against men. That is why there are so many broken homes with no “father”.

Some females have been depriving their baby daddies from their kids just because they can’t control men. They have been using kids against their father.
Therefore the kids don’t have a good relationship with their dad. Lots of men want to be in their kid’s life but their mama won’t let it happen. Sometimes they will lie about the man being abusive or he just doesn’t want to care take care of his kids.

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