He said Mimbayeur was disgusting and played Calée to me - Blanche Bailly

He said Mimbayeur was disgusting and played Calée to me – Blanche Bailly
He said Mimbayeur was disgusting and played Calée to me - Blanche Bailly

He said Mimbayeur was disgusting and played Calée to me – Blanche Bailly : Stray bullet has unfortunately touched, you know who after singer Blanche Bailly made a couple of revelations in an interview with Mymedia Prime TV.

Blanche Bailly was tabled with Faith Tata, Ahmed Baron and Lukong Jude where she spoke on her album Authentik.

She was asked a couple of questions amongst which was what makes her to release hits always.

She said when she was in London sometime, she had only demos at the time, she met with Nigerian singer Iyanya, played him a demo and he encouraged her to keep up.

He told her that whenever she enters the studio, she should know she is not only going to produce music but to produce a hit. That mindset is one she has had thereafter.

And this mindset has helped her to always produce hits.

Talking about brand deals, the Mimbayeur music crooner encouraged creatives to never let anyone discourage them whilst they are doing what they are good at.

She took an example of herself. Mimbayeur is the song that made her to “blow”. She said she was confused at that moment on what song to release.

She had a more flexible and danceable song and everyone encouraged her to release that instead since Mimbayeur seemed to be a slow song but her spirit worked more with Mimbayeur so she decided to follow her guts.

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It is in this regards that Blanche Bailly said she presented this song of hers to a producer she won’t mention his name, and he called it trash, playing her Daphne’s calée saying it’s a real definition of a hit.

Given the fact that Daphne, Blanche Bailly and music producer Salatiel have had quite obvious silent beefs online, fans have been speculating that she was referring to him. He’s the one who produced Calée.

Blanche Bailly went ahead to Thank Phillbill for encouraging her. She said :

Because I had another song that was like more hard…they fell like it’s more catchy but I was like no.. and I’ll never forget, I remember I went to…I won’t call his name and I remember I had so much issues with the guy who shot the video (RIP), I wasn’t really pleased with the way my video came out but when he saw it ( guy), he was like what’s this? Is this music? Is this the video? Disgusting and then he played calée for me and said this is a hit. I’ll never forget how I felt and I called Phillbill and he was like forget that man. E just want kill your morale. Thank you Phillbill for like pulling me up during my down time and it’s true, he just wanted to kill my morale because he was trying to sign me at that time so wanted me to feel vulnerable…”

Blanche Bailly said she made two weeks in Lagos to record some songs from her latest album.

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