Know Your Celebs : Interview with Celebrities

Know Your Celebs : Interview with Celebrities

Know Your Celebs : Interview with Celebrities : Know Your Celebs is an exclusive interview session the Afriblinksblog Team have with celebrities Worldwide – especially African celebrities who are into entertainment.

Afriblinksblog (ABB) is a pan-African blog that creates content across the entertainment field (music, trends, celebrity hossip, sports…).

Know Your Celebs started off from a Facebook live session to an Instagram live before switching to Zoom.

Know Your Celebs : Interview with Celebrities

We wouldn’t really say switch, any celebrity can pick what they are comfortable with. But, we will always transcribe to this blog for the readers who probably missed it. Afriblinksblog tries to take celebrities from all parts of entertainment be it dancers, singers, rappers, footballers, writers, actors, reality Tv show presenters, modeling & more.

Afriblinksblog with host, Josy Blinks has managed to interview :

1. Magixx : Magixx is a Nigerian singer signed under Mavin Records owned by Don Jazzy. This interview was about his musical career. This interview took place on Zoom.

2. Boy TAG: Boy TAG is a Cameroonian celebrated rapper. The interview took place on an Instagram live and was about his musical career and plans of growth.

3. Ko-C : This interview took place on the Afriblinksblog Facebook page. Fans asked questions in the comment section & he replied to them. Ko-C is Cameroon’s serial hitmaker.

4. IK Ogbonna : IK Ogbonna is a Nigerian celebrated famous Actor who has featured in many movies.
An interview with him focused on his acting career. It took place on Instagram comment section.

5. Brenda Biya : Brenda Biya is daughter of Cameroon’s president, Paul Biya and Chantal Biya. This interview was based on her as a person, her role in the rap game and her passion which is digital drawing.

Know Your Celebs : Interview with Celebrities

6. Rinyu : Rinyu is a famous Cameroonian singer who went live with us on Instagram for an interview session in which she talked about her musical career & growth plans.

7. Real Bassey : Real Bassey is an American based Sierra Leone former Big Brother African Contestant. He is an actor & a model likewise. He has popular movies which he featured Beverly Osu & other popular faces. We spoke about his acting career via an Instagram live session.

8. Sandra Pierami : Sandra Pierami is a European Cameroonian based singer. She featured in Young Jonn’s Xtra Cool as video vixen. She spoke to us via an Instagram live session on her musical career & growth plans.

9. Audrey Monkam
Audrey Monkam is Miss Cameroon 2020,2021 & Miss World contestant. We interviewed her via Instagram live session. She spoke about her modeling career and gave a piece of advice for aspiring models.

More interviews have been made and are going to be made. Everything cannot be written here so watch out for this interview category for individual interview articles.

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