Blanche Bailly speaks up after arrest

Blanche Bailly speaks up after arrest

Blanche Bailly speaks up after arrest

Blanche Bailly speaks up after arrest : Cameroonian singer, Blanche Bailly has finally spoken up after being brutally arrested yesterday by the police.

According to CY International, the “Bon Bon” crooner was arrested after allegedly stealing a fridge which belonged to someone else.

According to information posted by the former who is said to have assisted in Blanche Bailly’s release, Blanche Bailly bought an alleged stolen fridge 2 months ago.

She had no knowledge about this. The owner of this fridge tracked it and accused her of stealing! Since she didn’t know anything as she had bought the fridge not knowing it was a stolen fridge, she hesitated to be arrested by the police until her money was refunded. She was then forcefully taken.

Speaking up after the situation, Blanche promises not to keep quiet. She says she has now seen the real police brutality and wouldn’t even wish such treatment even to her worst enemy.

Taking to her Facebook handle, the singer wrote :

I’ve always heard about police brutality. Unfortunately today, I witnessed it first hand.
Thank you to everyone for the concern, the calls, texts, and for sharing my video to raise awareness.
I pray for the strength to explain The REAL story and how my SON and I were treated today.

I will not remain quiet. I wouldn’t wish what happened to me today on my worst enemy.

Thank you.”

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