I am not rich – Singer Davido’s sister Sharon

I am not rich – Singer Davido’s sister Sharon

I am not rich - Singer Davido’s sister Sharon

Sharon, singer Davido’s older sister  has revealed why she is still managing despite being a billionaire’s daughter.
Sharon has warned people against this dangerous mindset of thinking it’s okay to be lazy because one’s father is rich.

In a video, the mother of three said :

Ermm, one of the things that I really just had to say concerning this is because I get a lot of people coming to me and saying “Sharon why do you even work” so I had to say something on this because I went to school, I have a BSC, I have a Masters degree and I shouldn’t work ? Well, I went to primary school with British children. I went to school with Hugh royal official kids, I’ll go to school with Ambassadors children, H & H children, billionaires children.

And one thing was common with them. They’ll say “I’m not rich my father is rich” and I had to develop that mindset. So I’m so happy that I did and I’m so grateful because my Dad spoil me to bits but I also understand these are gifts. Do you understand ? And I need to use these gifts well so I too can provide for my children.

I am not rich - Singer Davido’s sister Sharon

I’m really happy that I’m an entrepreneur, I’m really happy I don’t work with my Dad not like that there is something wrong with children working with their parents but I just want the freedom to know I can actually do it and I just feel like… especially Nigerians just feel my Dad is rich and I’m rich.

If you don’t know how they are making the money, if you are not active in the business, I feel like it’s very dangerous to develop that kind of mindset so when I come to you with all humility it’s because I have no choice but to be humble.

“I’m not wrecking in millions. I’m managing myself with what I can afford now and I hope other people do the same basically .”

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