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Afriblinksblog Rap Battle content and rules

What is Afriblinksblog Rap-battle? This is a yearly hiphop contest organised by the Afriblinksblog team in order to uplift the Cameroonian hiphop culture.

Many people easily dance to afro-beat, play in it public… but feel hiphop is  be played only in lone moments. We are trying to eradicate this notion.

Mic Monsta has consistently been one of Cameroon’s greatest hip-hop acts of all time. The first edition of this hiphop contest has the honour to bring the Microphone Njorku on the table.

Again, we will be bringing Cameroon’s most versatile producer Barinyuy and the screen colouring god himself, Tecno Brian.

Afriblinksblog Rap Battle rules and Beats
Afriblinksblog rap battle cover art by Domiguez Art

PHASES : There are three phases. The first two are on the Afriblinksblog facebook page. The last one is on Afriblinksblog instagram handle. It is worth noting that the last phase will only contain a maximum of 10 contestants. Nothing more. 

NB : Video duration is 1 minute. Please, do not surpass this length. 

Moderation : We have 5 juries for rating the hiphop:  60% Juries, 40 % fan votes on social media, We are going to be very strict on this.

  • Ahmed Baron
  • Yannick Fung
  • Laura SA
  • Donald Woods
  • Pancho Nfor 


Rules : You must follow all these rules to be eligible. When sending your videos, ensure to send along proofs. If this does not sit well with you, do not participate as we will be very strict with this.

    • Raps allowed in English and (or) French
    • Please, do not flow completely in your native language as lyrics are rated as well. Our juries might not be able to comprehend you. A blend is okay.
    • All beats are provided by Afriblinksblog (downloable on our website only). This beats are produced by Barinyuy, and remains this competition’s property. Please, do not use this beat for whatever thing other than this competition unless you are permitted to. The beats are copyrighted.
    • Submit all videos to +237651326358
    • Only Cameroonians are allowed to participate in this first edition.
  • You are free to give a shoutout to the aforementioned in your rap, it does not affect the result at all. 
  • We have two different beats and the two beats will be used by contestants for each phase of the competition. You can only use one of these beats for a phase. Pick the one that suits you. If you go to the next stage, that’s good, you can use the same beats but different creativity. This is to test rappers’ creativity. But our two beats will be used till the end of the competition.
  • If you lose, please, respect our terms and conditions , no insults and claims you were cheated. We will make this competition as transparent as possible.
  • After the competition, you are permitted to buy any of the beats from Barinyuy. 
  • Please, do not disrespect any of our juries and the prize. Respect Mic Monsta, Tecno Brian, Barinyuy and the Afriblinksblog team. Thank you.

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Here is a PDF with full details :

Afriblinksblog Rap Battle

Please, do not try to create a conversation when you write +237651326358 on WhatsApp. If you have any questions, drop your preoccupation in the comment section of the article with your contact details and our team will get to you.

Click here to get the Beats for the competition.

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