Vincent Aboubakar ridicules those attacking Eto’o

Vincent Aboubakar ridicules those attacking Eto’o

Vincent Aboubakar breaks his silence and warns all those who call Samuel Eto’o proud or excessive. This comes after a video of Samuel Eto’o surfaced online, with the FECAFOOT president not pleased with the indomitable Lion’s performance.

Vincent Aboubakar ridicules those attacking Eto’o

Samuel Eto’o told the players in the dressing room:

“I’m not happy, I’m not happy at all. You represent the Cameroon national team and no matter what football team you face, you need to do the job. You need to do the job.

“I cried for several years because I missed lots of World cups but I know why I lost the cups.

“I know the problem I had and why I lost the World Cups. You won’t be failures as far as I’m the FECAFOOT president. I took this presidency to change things and things will be very serious I tell you. No one’s place is assured in this national team I tell you. No one’s position is assured. You have to do your job, anyone who wants to wear the Cameroon national team t-shirt should come to do their job or they don’t come to play for the team.

I wouldn’t care, I’ll be happy, If you cannot play, I’ll bring even children to play for the team.

“I know what you guys are thinking at the moment because I was once seated here like you. You will probably say I’m a fool but I played here and I was the best. I know why I didn’t win the World Cup and today I’m the president. I’ll give you guys everything even my life to win this cup.”

Fans and media personalities have been ridiculing his actions. Some say it’s not in his place to warm the Cameroon national team players while others say he didn’t have to put out a video of what’s happening in the dressing room if he meant well.

Cameroon’s national team captain, Vincent Aboubakar defends Eto’o, says they will not play if he isn’t present.

He said : “We the players of the national team have decided not to play a football match away from home without seeing MR Samuel Eto’o by our side.

“His presence is our first victory. His advice gives us the courage to win the tough matches. We know what he told us against Algeria in the second leg. He is a genius!

Since you want to know what happened in Tanzania, Mr Eto’o saw what many critics did not. We despised Burundi as a second class team. We told ourselves that one goal is enough.

“We want to tell the media stop. Mr Eto’o was a footballer and today he is the president of Fecafoot.

“Thank you president we have understood and your love for the team is surely incomparable; we will improve!”


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