Julia Samantha insists ‘Influencers are Prostitutes’

Julia Samantha insists ‘Influencers are Prostitutes’

Julia Samantha Edima fully assumes her words about her outings on the “porta-potty” influencers, whom she had presented as people of dubious morality.

Julia Samantha insists ‘Influencers are Prostitutes’

Responding to a journalist who wanted to know if over time, she regretted her comments recently made on a television set about influencers, Samantha Edima said:

I want to apologise to anyone who felt hurt by my words. It was not my intention. We were in the
context of a debate and the excerpt popularized by Internet users was unfortunately taken out of context.

“Basically, I fully assume
my words and if I had to say the same thing again, I would say it again. In another tone, perhaps, with different words but yes, I assume my words.”

Invited at the beginning of May in the program the club of Elites broadcast on Vision 4, Julia Samantha had hinted that influencers are prostitutes.

“Since the dawn of time, girls have been prostituting themselves. It is until today we use a veil which is this word of influencer. But no, they are not influencers, they are prostitutes ,” the Miss Cameroon had said.

These words had the merit of fueling the fury of several influencers and Internet users.

Singer Mani Bella had then felt that this posture was not suitable for a miss who, according to her, had to defend all women instead of echoing accordant points. Coco Emilia did not take it lightly either.

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