I am unhappy in the music World – Lady Ponce

I am unhappy in the music World – Lady Ponce

Despite her success in music, Lady Ponce says she is unhappy in this milieu.

Doing a job or continuing to do a job that makes you unhappy, it’s not easy”

Adèle Ruffine Ngono, known by her stage name Lady Ponce, is a Cameroonian singer and songwriter. Despite her successful career in the music milieu, the singer made it known via a post published on her Facebook page that she regrets chosing music.

“ My only ambition was to be able to live and eat to satiety. Today I have become a figure of success thanks to you. My young sisters and brothers, believe me, sometimes I would have preferred a thousand times to have a very simple life far from all this useless noise, far from me spitting on your thousands of supports that you have given me and continue to give me.

I am unhappy in the music World - Lady Ponce

“Today I tell you the sad truth. I’m unhappy in this world that I chose out of starvation,” the Bikutsi diva said

Then she added:
“Sometimes I tell myself that I should have embraced the life that my father wanted so much for me. But alas, I chose this profession where your life is invented and interpreted by those who, have never crossed your path. A world where the simple photo with a stranger becomes something else. A world where hypocrisy and diplomacy are the great belief. I deeply regret having chosen to be who I am today. Yes, I’m so sorry and it’s difficult sometimes because doing a job or continuing to do a job that makes you unhappy is not easy 

“Those who are in the same situation as me know this. After my Olympia, on September 10, 2022, I  was very absent from social media. I know you miss me at times,you will look for me, you will want to see me do, the photos, the videos, the appearances, but believe me, it’s not easy for me.My Press Officer Marie Gabrielle Mfegue can confirm that I even refuse programs that an artist should not refuse. I refused because, I am no longer in harmony with what I do.”

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