Ko-C and Yung Meagan have a bouncing baby boy together

Ko-C and Yung Meagan have a bouncing baby boy together

Cameroonian rappers, Ko-C & Yung Meagan who have been quite silent about their relationship of recent, reportedly have a bouncing baby boy together.

The pair had revealed their relationship on social media previously, with the female rapper calling him her best friend (read more)

Ko-C and Yung Meagan have a bouncing baby boy together

At the time, there were rumours she was pregnant, a reason to which she was not active on social media and her music career for almost a year according to social media users.

Well, before Yung Meagan went silent, she did a post saying « dating a celebrity is a nightmare ».

Ko-C made another post apologising to his « bestie ».(Read more)
They didn’t put further information on their social media pages.

On this day, Mother’s Day in Cameroon, the rapper did a post in which she  revealed she is a mother of a bouncing baby boy.

Apparently, the rumours which stated that she was pregnant for Ko-C is true.

While waiting for what unfolds, here is what she wrote :

Ko-C and Yung Meagan have a bouncing baby boy together

Happy Mothers Day to every woman. Whether you have been blessed to concieve or not, I wish you to celebrate you today because someway somehow, we all organically have that motherly instinct when we love. Thank you for never giving up , although it gets tough 90% of the time, post-partum depression and all, we always keep pushing and our biggest reward is to see our little human beings smile.

To my little King🤱🏾, theres so much I could say but first, I am so , so blessed that God chose me to be your mother and your bestfriend. My pregnancy definitely wasn’t an easy one but whew Lawd, I made it through. Your daddy & I were so happy when you made your grand entrance into our lives. Theres definitely been hard days, 😅(every mother definitely feels this) but you make everything I work so hard for worth it. I enjoy every second I spend with you. You were my missing piece & Your father and I are so proud of the little man you are becoming. 🥲

May God continue to strengthen me enough to keep being the best mother i can be to you, To protect you from this ruthless world, To educate you into becoming a fair leader, a kindhearted human being, a man who respects women and most of all a man of God.
Love you Papi♥️

To my beautiful mother, thank you for being my biggest support system and my best friend. Thank you for loving me unconditionally and I owe you everything. I love you Mummy. 🫀

#HappyMothersDay Tag a mother in the comments to show her how much you appreciate her.
NB: Imma need a new season of Cocomelon ASAP. 💀

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