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3 Bedroom apartment renter, Gomez Oba quits music after failure to receive support from bloggers

Cameroonian former singer, Gomez Oba made a decision earlier this morning to quit music because anglophone Cameroonian bloggers are too negative and not supportive to him.

According to the ex music sensation, he has done a lot of bangers that has been ignored by the Cameroonian audience due to lack of support from the English writing Cameroonian bloggers.

Gomez Oba had previously bragged about having a three bedroom apartment in Douala.

Well, the three bedroom apartment renter says if he was in a different country, he should have been a superstar by now with the releases he has done. His success is halted by the negativity of anglophone Cameroonian bloggers. This comes after he bragged that his song « woman » is bigger than Stanley Enow’s PARAPARIPARO and bloggers posted about it. He called out bloggers for being negative and only share things that do not help him progress.

For this reason, he will stop doing music. Taking to his Facebook handle, he wrote :

« Here is it … I am DONE with MUSIC in CAMEROON .I am sorry to those who believed in me but NO not hear there only think you will get here is constant constant Names calling matter how hard you work … … I just want you all to know … I am industry after 3 ,4 years NO new name .. that can stand a status of susceptible artist…

« The moment you get love they never wanna call you major no no … y’all didn’t win or I didn’t loose
I MADE ACTUAL BANGA … if I was in NIGERIA,Cote d’ivoire etc maybe a French Cameroonian … I would have been a huge artist riding a a good car with a house already for my moms .
I don’t have No ugly song .
I am actually very humble and confident
But y’all will turn that to hate from fans and even investors can’t relate sometime …

This is not a HEALTHY PLACE …
No one ever praises me online but will meet me and turn pussies … I am not build for this kind of pretending
bye. »

img 3953
Gomez Oba

Gomez did not blame all Cameroonian bloggers, he blamed strictly the anglophone bloggers for being responsible for his slow musical progress. He said :

« Sahh Anglophone blogs 🤦🏽‍♂️… so we done already sabi wati wuna fit share … I DROP even a great song like woman no man No share … I mean nobody except e concern disrespecting Someone …
Why can’t you be promote anything positive …
Why must it be negative before wuna fit fast l’y pic am up …

« Why why why …
If I be write back Stanley enow you are a legend king alone I swear on God non of wuna for Post shit … because I said something trying to put dirt wuna flop Dey like bee.

« I want people to see what this is about hope y’all can see for your self and most of wuna are part of it

« Please wuna CHANGE … it’s not US it’s YOU guys
Wuna change…
No body shared my song .. but wuna di Watch
When it’s something that can disgrace.take someone down …

Bloggers are left disappointed because Gomez Oba did not pay them a penny for this job and they do not understand why he has to be so entitled. He claimed he makes a lot of money from music, why doesn’t he want bloggers to equally earn from their work ? Why should they work for free ?

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