«Bloggers don’t owe you jack », Delly Singah reminds entertainers

Uk based Cameroonian relationship coach, influencer and business lady, Delly Singah has taken out time to quickly remind entertainers that bloggers and entertainers do not owe them anything.

The beautiful lady is saddened by the level of entitlement in the Cameroon entertainment industry. Via a Facebook post, Delly decides to address this issue reminding these entertainers that blogging likewise being an influencer is a job that deserves payment.

She wrote :

« Noticed the sense of entitlement from Event Organisers and Artists how bloggers are focused on irrelevant things than promoting them. MY BIG LAUGH!

Blogging is a JOB; a well paid job.
A blogger decides what content and when to put out.
As long as you didn’t pay for their services, posting your work is at their discretion. COPY THAT!

Bloggers are the most UNDERVALUED in the entertainment industry.
An artist will release a song, a producer will produce a movie, an event organiser will organise a show, budget for every other MEDIA OUTLET yet expect Bloggers to run behind them for pictures and trailers.
According to you, they must post about you in the name of supporting your own. Lol

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Delly Singah(All right reserved to owner)

« This is BUSINESS. Bloggers are drawn to content that is potentially fruitful.
Yes, Yul Edochie is not Cameroonian but one blog post of him generates enough $$$ for Vloggers and Bloggers compared to a Cameroonian event that ends at few likes. There’s no pretence about that.
« It is not always about money and the bloggers for sure try their best; most often posting for FREE.
Worse off, some of these celebs feels so big to even like or share or acknowledge a blog post about them😏

« It’s about time you started making provisions for PAID ADVERTISEMENTS.
If an influencer/Blogger should post your work for free, at least have the courtesy to formally email/text your content to them. Don’t sit and feel entitled.

« Some of us promote for FREE, yet we have limits.
Stop treating bloggers like your servants. This is BUSINESS! Everyone is hustling for daily bread. You don’t go about working money and expect others to render free services.

« Last time I mentioned the need for PR services in the entertainment industry.
Your PR/Team should OFFICIALLY contact Bloggers/Influencers prior to a release and NEGOTIATE terms of blogging.
Then and only then can you feel entitled about their services.
Until then, the influencer/blogger decides what and when to post cuz they don’t owe you Jack!
@Grand OLD Pancho Cy international pls avoid this post🙄 »

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