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Biography of Sandrine Nnanga, Cameroonian singer.

Biography of Sandrine Nnanga, Cameroonian singer.


Sandrine Nnanga is a young energetic vocalist from the South region of Cameroon. Having loved music from childhood, she began her music career in her church choir with her brothers and later at her college in the school orchestra.

Her career however took a proficient turn in 2011 after she met with the leader of the MACASE group, Paul Serge Maboma during a school show.

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Sandrine Nnanga

After graduating from her baccalaureate, alongside the lovely Tsang’Mbe, she became the vocal lead of the Macase Group connecting concerts, national and international tours with the biggest names in the Cameroon scene such as Krotal, Sam Fantamas, Manu Dibango, etc..

Despite her artistic commitments, she however continued schooling. She turned first to accounting and business management, where she obtained her BTS, and proceeded with marketing and operations management where she acquired her professional license.

She released her first single on April 1st, 2018, titled “MULEMA” which though she expected to mark her solo entry, rather obtained very mixed reception from the public.

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Sandrine Nnanga

Sandrine Nnanga’s career however took a real off on September 18, 2018, when she released a great song titled “OSI DIMBEA“, with the participation of her song writer Ben Decca.

Sandrine continuously strived hard to make a name for herself and has captivated the spotlight of prestigious labels in Cameroon like Big dreams and aMusic where she made the releases of ” MA’A”, “POUR LA VIE” and “NO NEED“.

She is presently married to Cameroonian singer and video director Adah Akenji and they have two kids.

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