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Biography of Adah Akenji, Cameroon Video director and singer.

Biography of Adah Akenji, Cameroon Video director and singer.


TCHI ADAH CAROTHERS AKENJI Aka Adah Akenji aka Mr Swag is a Cameroonian singer, producer and director with several music videos like on Va Gerer by Mr Leo, Boss by Kameni, Tobassi by Ridimz, Bon Bon by Blanche Baily, Zangalewa by Jay Jay, Ngoma Afe Nkap, etc under his belt. He was born on 27th February 1985.

Known as Cameroon’s best for his breathtaking voice, gorgeous physique, and a great personality, his song Nyango was one of the best love songs that ever made waves in 2011, 2012 and 2013. He is indeed a personality to watch out for.

37-year old Adah Akenji was born in Nigeria but brought up in Cameroon. His mother is Nigerian and his father Cameroonian which is why he got the name ADAH. He is a descendant of Mankon.

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Adah Akenji

Adah Akenji grew up music-oriented and says he got it from his dad. He started playing musical instruments when he was 5, started playing the drums when he was 7, and later commenced with the piano when he turned 11. He started singing when he was 16 years old.

He attended secondary school in Douala and after his advanced level, he decided to take a professional certificate in sound engineering at the Audio Institute of America. He is a certified sound engineer yet with a degree in political science.

Adah Akenji is a go-getter who thinks work is better well done or left undone. He is one of the top music directors in Cameron among others like Dr Nkeng Stephens, NS pictures, Mr Andrenaline and Director Church. He is part of the aMusic record label.

He is presently married to Sandrine Nnanga with two children. They tied the knot in 2021. Best of wishes for his career and love life.

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