Newborn baby found alive 2 days after being buried by mother

A newborn baby has been rescued by the population of Bagante after being buried alive by its mother.

The 33-year-old internally displaced lady due to the Anglophone crisis buried her newborn baby tree around where she resides Banekane the west region of Cameroon.

The woman is reported to have sneaked out of her home from Friday 8th April to Saturday 9th to a fallow land to deliver the child.

After delivering the child without any help, she buried the child, cleaned up herself and went home. All without the knowledge of her husband who was home taking care of their other children.

A source said “For all of the following day, Saturday, the act went unnoticed. It was only until 48hours later that a neighbour’s attention was drawn by the cries of a wailing baby”

The baby is said to have been discovered with one of her hands and legs hanging out of the grave.

How she survived remains difficult to understand.

However, the woman still claimed she was innocent though her husband claims he had suspected that his wife was pregnant some days back.

The woman later confessed after being threatened by her husband. She explained that she was ashamed to have another baby when the last was barely a year old.

She was however shown mercy by the crowd that showed up and is presently at the hospital nursing her newborn baby.