Nolan, Alexandre Song’s son says he  will play for France and not Cameroon

15-year-old son of Cameroonian Football legend ALEXANDRE SONG has said he wouldn’t play for his father’s country. He will play for France.

A few days ago, Nolan Song gave his followers the opportunity to ask him questions on Instagram.

Alexandre & Nolan Song
Alexandre & Nolan Song (photo via fb)

A fan asked him if he will play for the Cameroon National team.

Here was his response : “Cameroon is not my country, it’s my father’s country.” I was born in France, raised in England, I feel no connection with ‘my country’. Just because my dad played for the country doesn’t mean I have to do it.

« I don’t feel Cameroonian, the only connection I have with the country is my family. This is why you’ll never see me in Cameroonian gear. Probably gonna play for France. »