Muriel Blanche reveals she charges 500k for one Snapchat post

During a question and answer session with her Snapchat followers, Murielle Blanche was asked a question, How much should you be paid to advertise?

She said: “The question is vague because there are several types of advertising and it also depends on expectations. Therefore the prices are set depending on all these parameters around your desire. But when it comes to snap chat, a post is 500,000frs and the people I work with on snap know how hard it is. Now, when it is over a long period, we do it according to your objectives and my ethics.

Muriel Blanche
Muriel Blanche(Photo social media page)

The actress added that she does not accept promotions for all products.

There are ads I do not accept especially when they do not marry my ethics and when your objectives are not convincing. There is also the in derogation phase and if during this phase I have not convinced myself, I don’t simply accept because I am afraid I won’t give you satisfaction”