Daphne thinks of creating a reality show to showcase the love she and her husband share

Cameroonian singer, Daphne, is thinking of a reality show where she and her husband will be the main actors.

Since their traditional marriage, Daphne and her husband seemingly share the perfect love everyone dreams of.

Both update their followers on Instagram and Snapchat with their lively beautiful love story.

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We see them regularly in “love mood”. It is surely this overflow of love that Daphne wishes to share with the public.

Sharing her beautiful family moments through a reality show is her new idea. She mentioned this via her Snapchat story.

She said : “I think William and I should have our own reality show. I have to try to convince him, ”she wrote.

Quick reminder, the charming Cameroonian Afro pop singer had married traditionally, on November 7, 2020 in Douala.

They did their court marriage secretly thereafter.