Biography of Old Pancho CY International.

Born Cyprian Egomang Tayong on May 5th 1979, Old Pancho CY International is a Cameroonian philanthropist, comedian, actor , farmer and an international business man.

He is from Teze Ngie but was born in Kumba, meme division in the Southwest region of Cameroon. The man who is married with two sons went to GS Pendamboko where he completed his primary school education and GSS Moyuka for his secondary school education.

Biography of Old Pancho CY International.
Old Pancho CY International

Early life of Old Pancho CY International

At an early age, CY International started off as a street dancer. From there, he became a barber and then a taxi driver. As early as 10 years old, the business man fell in love with movies. He used to watch movies at a faraway place, go back to his village and interpret it to a crowd he gathered. They loved to listen to him speak. He didn’t stop dancing. In 1993 whilst at secondary school, he became a choir leader at his church, started comic dancing and developed interest for acting.

In 2002, he took his comedy career seriously. He did comedy for radio stations. He became the first ever Cameroonian comedian to do comedy on Mount Cameroon FM. The Cameroonian popular comedian who advocates for the betterment of the Cameroonian entertainment industry recorded his first music album in 2008 at Famous M1 Studios in Buea with Emil Ngumba, Salatiel, Blaise B, Zinnia, Laddy Kashila And and Legendary Bobby James NGuime.

Biography of Old Pancho CY International.
Old Pancho CY International

In 2008 then, Old Pancho got into the movie industry full flesh. He played 3rd lead role in Enah John Scott‘s movie titled Chasing Shadows.

Whilst doing his comedy still, in 2011-2012, Old Pancho CY International became the first English Cameroon comedian to start doing digital skits which got endorsed by legends like Samuel Eto’o. In 2017, he became a full time standup comedian and performed in many shows amongst which were; Oboy Comedy Show, Senior Pastor Comedy Show.

Philanthropic Works

Old Pancho CY International launched a campaign advising youths against the negative effects of drug abuse.

On March 2nd, he amongst other Cameroonian celebrities like Tzy Panchak, Asaba, Spaco Lee, Soli Egbe, Baracuda, General Toxic visited Bilingual Grammar School Molyko, Buea, Cameroon to warn youths against opium consumption.

Biography of Old Pancho CY International - Soli Egbe
Soli Egbe with Old Pancho Campaigning against drug abuse

The Cameroonian comedian had also launched a “80/20 Support tour own” Campaign to support the Cameroon entertainment industry. He says Cameroon can only progress if the Cameroonians are able to support, appreciate and promote their own. These persons should learn how to consume 80% of their products and 20% international.

CY International has been a great influence to the Cameroon community.

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