Roger Essindi popularly known as Happy D’Efoulan, is a Cameroonian artist (singer, songwriter, performer)born on December 4 2000 in the center region of Cameroon.

He took his first steps in music at the age of 12 at the “Stoll” college in Akono. Passionate about “offbeat cut”, he distinguished himself as a dancer. He joined a musical group called the Fanfare in his school where he was chief percussionist. This is how his passion for “Mbolè” was born, where he quickly stood out, particularly in his quarter Efoulan ,Yaoundé. In 2016, he joined his first group Mbolè called the “jockers” of Efoulan.

Biography of Happy D’Efoulan
Happy D’Efoulan

Whenever an opportunity arose, he did not hesitate to show his talent. In 2019, he was spotted by a talented sound engineer “His Majesty Junior Abega, they began to work together under the Jamer’s label where he took his first steps in the studio. In November 2020, he was signed in the production house “Nsalen Prod“, where he released his very first solo project “les pleurs du Mbolè” in December. His famous “Oh TchapeuTchapeu” was taken up all over the country. A successful hit that gave the artist wide visibility.

The young singer of “Oh Tchapeu Tchapeu” concept, which has more than 200 thousand views on download platforms in 6 days, thus bacame the first singer of “Mbolè” to reach this record.

Happy D’Efoulan left Akono to come and settle in town where he lives with his mother and his aunt while furthering his school course at Efoulan high school.