Grace Decca, born Ndom’a Deccah Grace on 23rd September 1966 is a Cameroonian singer and producer from Douala.

She is a younger sister to Ben Decca, a prominent Makossa singer with whom she performed with and other artists, such as Jean Jacques Goldman before launching her solo career in 1989 with her debut album entitled Besoin d’amour. Her five other Makossa albums are Le Duo D.K (1992), Doï La Mulema (1993), Appelle-moi Princesse (1998), and Donne-moi un peu d’amour (2001).

She holds a degree in Communication (Sciences of Education), obtained in France in 1998.After obtaining her Baccalauréat, Decca left for France to continue her studies. She obtained a DEUG in Culture and Communication, a BTS in Management Tools, as well as a Bachelor’s and a master’s degree.
Biography of Ben Decca

thumbnail p15018She performed alongside her brother between 1984 and 1989, before starting her own solo career. Decca released her first album in 1989 with the title Besoin d’amour. The album, containing five songs, sold more than 150,000 copies in Cameroon and helped her gain popularity.

In 1993, she released a second album, Doi La Mulema, which was even more successful than her first, which helped her gain international acclaim.Five years later, Decca returned to the music scene with the release of her third album called Appelle-moi-Princesse, which brought her a number of awards, including: Best Female Album of the Year, Best-Selling Female of the Year, and the Bertrand Folon Award for Artistic maturity.

In 2001, Decca released her fourth album, Donne-moi un peu d’amour, which included eight tracks and was produced by J.P.S. Productions. She later started her own label, GNS Productions, which is still active. She has also produced the albums of several emerging artists such as Joly Din and her younger brother, Isaac Decca.