Cameroon First Lady and Paul Biya’s wife, Chantal BIYA on the occasion of the 37th International Day of Women’s Rights has address the Cameroonian women.

“This March 8, 2022 marks the 37th International Day of Women’s Rights.

This is an occasion to celebrate the progress made worldwide for the promotion of women.

The advances are numerous and varied.

But the road to go remains long and hard.

Promoting gender equality is giving women her place, all her place for a global world in the face of the many challenges that interferes with humanity.

The creation of AFRICAN SYNERGIES AGAINST AIDS AND SUFFERING in 2002, translates My will to refuse autism and act to make the voices of women heard, major victims of HIV, poverty, underschool and to Exposing the forms of violence.

This commitment remains constant and unchanging.

I take this opportunity to International Women’s Rights Day to pay tribute to all the women who fight every day to exist, in a world that is increasingly cruel and merciless.

My thoughts especially go out to these women, anonymously as a whole, who rise early, despite many obstacles, to contribute to a more harmonious society.

They shine in their generosity, courage and perseverance, worthy of admiration.

I urge and encourage all women and people of good will to follow me in this fight.

It is at the cost of collective efforts that we, together, men and women, can increase female leadership in the search for sustainable development.

Madame Chantal BIYA

First Lady of Cameroon

Founder President of AFRICAN SYNERGIES”