Maahlox le vibeur whose real name is Jean Jules Kenfack, is a Cameroonian rapper, born on January 16 , 1990, in Yaoundé.

Maalhox was born and raised in Yaoundé, obili. He is the second in a family of ten children . He did his secondary education at Mendong High School where he won two consecutive years the prize for the best poem of the year. He went through several hardships during his adolescence (separation from parents, loss of his younger sister Leticia, financial difficulties, dropping out of school…).

His rapper’s name, Maahlox , comes from a homonym with the name of the medicine his younger sister was taking to ease the pain of the cancer that took her away.

biography of Maahlox le vibeur
Maahlox le vibeur

Described as “the most popular and influential rapper of his generation , ” A real hit machine, the artist made his first big hit with the song “La bière c’est combien ici ? “, success confirmed with the release of his first album, “ Ça sort comme ça sort“.

Several of his tracks and albums are marked by Explicit Content and the vulgar language used in his lyrics as well as the subjects very often linked to vice are considered by critics as ” shocking and rude. Some critics call him ” depraved “or a “bad example for the youth. His music is also described as ” Obscene and immoral “.

In January 2017, The rapper refused to participate in an award ceremony, the Canal2’Or organised by the Cameroonian television channel Canal 2 , which he described as ” Pacotille “. He asked the organising committee to remove him from its list. According to him, Canal 2 has used all means to tarnish his image and destroy his musical career. For years, he said he was considered a promoter of disorder, pornography, banditry and depravity of morals