Adèle Ruffine Ngono, known by her stage name Lady Ponce, is a Cameroonian singer and songwriter. She is also known as “La Reine du Bikutsi” (the Queen of Bikutsi). In 2014, Ngono was named a knight of the Order of Valour.

Ngono was born in Mbalmayo, Cameroon. Following the death of her mother in 1999, she moved to Yaoundé, where she joined Chapelle d’Essos local choir. Ngono performed in snacks at Camp Sonel and La Cascade.

In 2007, Ngono released her first album, Le ventre et le bas-ventre, which consisted of six songs. The album led to her winning the Canal 2’Or’s Best Voice and Musical Revelation awards for that year.

Biography of Lady Ponce
Lady Ponce

Lady ponce followed up the success of her first album with three albums produced by Jean Pierre Saah. Confession in 2009, La loi du talion in 2011, and Bombe atomique in 2012, containing ten, twelve, and twelve tracks respectively.

In 2015, she released Bain de sons, consisting of eighteen songs. In 2017, she released “Patrimonie”, an album regarding her early life, consisting of twelve tracks and produced by KMG Productions.

In July 2016, Ngono performed at the Viking Center in Maryland, US. In April 2017, she sang at SEG Geneva Arena for the Afrikan Zik Festival,and later at La Cigale, on 21 January 2017. In July 2018, Ngono headlined Afrofest at Toronto’s Woodbine Beach.

Biography/Biographie of Lady Ponce
Lady Ponce

In December 2018, Ngono went on a one-month national tour, visiting Yaoundé, Douala, Bafoussam, Ngaoundéré and Ebolowa.

On 21 November 2018, Ngono married Aloys Tsafack, a Cameroonian manager and producer known as Dieu Cyclone, at a reception near Les Clayes-sous-Bois city hall. She is a mother of three children.