Nabil Njoya, the sultan of Bamoun got married this weekend in all discretion. The new wife who is now the queen of Bamoun is called Aicha.

Sultan of Bamoun,Nabil Njoya and wife Aïcha
Sultan of Bamoun marries wife Aïcha

Before this union, the sultan of Bamoun had proceeded to the official presentation of the royal family. The ceremony which took place on February 12 was the occasion for the king to present to his subjects, the Great Uncle, Bamoun Mambafon and his pomanfons (uterine brothers and sisters of the 20th king).

To everyone’s surprise, Sultan Nabil Mbombo Njoya refused the girl that this family offered him. The official reason is that the young girl in question is still a minor.

Sultan of Bamoun,Nabil Njoya refuses 15-year-old girl saying he cannot marry her
Sultan of Bamoun,Nabil Njoya and 15-year-old

But sources close to the palace say the king did not accept the proposal because the girl was not really to his liking. In addition, the Sultan already had a girlfriend for 5 years and wanted to marry the latter as the first wife.

Nabil Mbombo Njoya has the right, better, the duty to marry several women. This makes plausible the information that the girl he was offered was not to his liking.

“According to Bamoun tradition, the first wife of the newly enthroned King comes from the Nji Monchouh family of Njisse in the Mambain district of Foumban. It is for this reason that this family brought this young girl, known by the nickname of Bijou last night to give her to the Sultan. But, the Sultan declined because he did not find her interesting enough for him… He estimated that she was still a minor because she is 14 years old and a pupil in 4th grade”, reports a source.

“He politely dismissed them with gifts. But the sultan promised to take care of her schooling. He will take care of her until she finds a suitor and the king will also bless her marriage according to the Bamoun customs”, the source added.

Born on August 10, 1992, Nabil Mbombo Njoya, who has been the new king of the Bamoun for several months, is a rather discreet young man who does not flaunt his membership of the royal family. He was born a year after his father was enthroned in 1992. A graduate of the National School of Administration and Magistracy (ENAM) in the Economics and Finance section, he is currently Head of the Administrative and Legal Affairs Division of the Governor’s services for the South region at the age of 28.

He was appointed to this position by the President of the Republic in his decree 000033 of February 25, 2020. He worked long before at the Minister of Territorial Administration of Atanga Nji.

Testimonials from his relatives attest that the young Nabil is a great adventurer who loves to travel. He also visited the USA, European countries a few years ago before settling permanently in Cameroon.