The outbreak of Chorela in Cameroon is gradually becoming deadlier than expected.

Cameroon’s Ministry of Public Health has confirmed the spread of a cholera epidemic in the South West and Littoral regions, after 37 positive cases recorded.

According to a report published on Tuesday, February 1st, by the Ministry of Public Health, three deaths from cholera were recorded. Among these cases, 25 were tested positive at the district hospital in Buea, capital of the South West region.

Approximately thirty-two people have died of cholera in Cameroon between late October and early January. As from January 1st, 2022, the epidemiological “situation showed 1,242 notified cases and 32 deaths”, according to the Minister of Health, Manaouda Malachie.

Cholera is an acute, diarrheal illness caused by intestines infection. It could either have mild or severe symptoms including vomiting, temperature rise. About 2.9 million persons are said to die from cholera yearly in the World according to CDC. This illness is said to generally be caused by food or water consumed which contains the cholera bacteria; ie unclean food and water.

Measures are current being put in place to stop the widespread of cholera in these regions and in Cameroon in general. The minister has urged Cameroonians to be more vigilant. Also, they should try to consume clean and healthy intakes.