The Mayor of the Dschang city council grants 5 hectares of land in the FOTO locality to FECAFOOT for the construction of a stadium in Menoua.

On February 7, 2022, Samuel Eto’o, addressed a correspondence to the mayor of Dschang city council requesting for a piece of land for the construction of a stadium in the Menoua subdivision.

The request of the FECAFOOT’S president received the approval from the mayor as he addressed the FECAFOOT president in these words;

“I have the honour to inform you of the availability of a space of about five (5) hectares for the construction of a stadium in Dschang, in the Tsinkop district of FOTO.

While congratulating you in my own name and in the name of the populations of Dschang for your commitment to give back to Cameroonian soccer its greatness, I reassure you of my unfailing determination to work for the realization of this project of construction of a soccer stadium of Olympic standards”.

Dschang Mayor grants Samuel Eto’o 5 hectares of land