Engaged for a year already, young Cameroonian influencer, Nathalie Koah had wanted to keep the face and the name of her fiancé away from the eyes and ears of her community.

But the investigators of her community kindly wanted to finally reveal the face of the one she will soon be with for the rest of her life.

During the ceremony of the official presentation of her fiancé to her family, Nathalie Koah had hidden the face of the latter such that the community thought that it was the father of her daughter.

During the celebration of her 35th year of life last Monday, we saw quickly appear from afar the face of her fiancé who was very discreet. A photo of her and her sister-in-law also circulated on social media and stories that the fiancé’s family went for the traditional wedding last Saturday.

The information that his entire community was waiting for was revealed by several sources.

The lucky winner bears the name of Romy Oyo, a deputy from Congo Brazzaville.

Definitely, Cameroonian influencers feel good with Congolese politicians. One thing leading to another, a photo of the latter was found on which he is with Congolese artist Fally Ipupa and football legend Samuel Eto’o. The 3 having a good time on a beach, which suggests that they are friends.