Cameroon’s captain, Aboubakar vincent relies on RFI’s microphone ahead of sim-final match of Cameroon Vs Egypt to finally check- off his heart, what he thinks about Egyptian/Liverpool star Mohamed Salah.

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Mohamed Salah (Facebook)

“Mohamed Salah doesn’t impress me”

Journalist: We remember the African Cup Of Nations 2017 final won by Cameroon against Egypt, with your goal from the other side. On that day, Egyptian Mohamed Salah had made a beautiful final but lost. Generally speaking, he is stronger today than he was in 2017. What is your look on him?

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Vincent Aboubakar (Facebook)

Captain Aboubakar Vincent: I see it as before. He’s having a super good Premier League season, helping his country advance in the competition. Wishing him the very best of luck. May the best win! He doesn’t impress me much. I say it clearly because I’m an honest person and I have my own way of seeing things. If he impressed me, I’d say it. But he doesn’t impress me much. He’s a good player, he scores a lot but he doesn’t produce a lot of stuff in the game. Of course he’s doing good things in the Premier League because he’s been in a team that’s been around for years. He’s a good player but not at the level of some like Mbappé.