Taking to her Snapchat story, Cameroonian influencer Coco Emilia had specified that she was the one who had put an end to her marriage with Francis Mvemba and not the other way round.

Biscuit De Mer as she is popularly known said “we are talking about marriage, a marriage I was the one who filed for a divorce?”.

Her former husband before now had kept his silence but now has a couple of things to get off his chest.

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Mvemba and Coco Emilia

“I never filed for divorce but I’m not ready to spend the rest of my

life with a woman unable to let go of her very dark past,” he said.

This outing of his contradicts another version given by a Congolese lady claiming Coco Emilia is a prostitute, reason why her husband divorced her.

Internet users have been wondering whether Francis Mvemba was never aware of the fact that she has a dark side before marrying.

He had come out previously saying his friends want him to divorce his wife calling her prostitute but he will never do this as he is aware of this and accepted her fully.

A video in which a young woman kisses him sensually has been circulating on social media but the latter responded by specifying that the video dates from before the marriage with Coco Emilia.