Even though Egypt won Ivory Coast, their striker’s friend was arrested and is facing jail time after he took multiple exams in his place

Mohamed is a footballer and a student at the Academy Higher Institute of Shabramant. He was called up for the African Cup of Nations.

He had to miss his first term examination because his presence was needed in Cameroon.

Contrary to the institute board’s thoughts, they were examination test papers with the footballer’s name. They then decided to investigate the incident.

After thoroughly investigating, they found out the player’s friend wrote the examinations in his place. The impersonator was caught after security check.

He was asked to present his ID. After some persistence, he showed his ID Card and the authorities found out, he is not even a student from that school.

He was arrested and is currently facing jail time. He explained that he just wanted to help his friend with his future and didn’t mean any harm.

The man, whose name has not been revealed said at the time, he had already taken three tests for the striker.

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