Still in the wake of insults against Coco Emilia, Ivorians spoke of the latter’s divorce. They highlighted the fact that her marriage was just a flash in the pan and that not even a year later, she found herself single again.

“Tell Coco Emilia that our game against Egypt lasted longer than her marriage,” wrote an Ivorian blogger.

Visibly accustomed to these words, the Cameroonian influencer did not directly respond to the various commentaries. She posted on her Snapchat story:

“We are talking about a marriage for which I was the one who decided to leave and above all to ask for a divorce 🤣🤣🤣? “.

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Coco Emilia reveals that contrary to the claims of a Congolese lady stating that she was being divorced, the decision was made by Coco Emilia. The reasons for the divorce are still unknown.

Before publishing this story, she had written on her story:

“All that was hidden will be revealed. The Lord always exposes false and wicked people. It has already started. Let’s just look. The truth always ends up triumphing.

According to some pseudo ‘analyst’, this message was addressed to her now ex-husband.

The Congolese Mr Mvemba has not made any revelation personally in relation to this

Cameroonians showed their support to their star.

Nathalie Koah also expressed had a couple of things to say as far as this is concerned. She said:

“It’s our state star!” We defend it without thinking yaws. What is being done to her is unfair, she didn’t say anything bad, she stayed in football. We talk about his marriage, his private life why? What cowardice! We are not at war with the Ivorians, but there are some of them who take advantage of the rain to shit in the torrent.”