Girl whose naked videos went viral with the narrative that she was celebrating Cameroon’s win by showing off her body has claimed she never posted these videos.

According to a Facebook page whose name is Cynthia Fiangan claiming to be the girl. her boyfriend betrayed her. She was dating this guy who asked her for nudes.

“He promised me after watching them, he will delete it. I was so stupid to believe what he was saying. After some days, his friend wrote me blackmailing me. I told my boyfriend, he said I shouldn’t bother. He said he showed his friend the nudes but did not know he (the friend) had stolen them from his phone. However, he told me not to bother. That the guy will do nothing with it.

“The guy started asking me for money stating that if I don’t give, he will leak my nudes. After some days I got scared since my boyfriend was silent. I struggled and sent him 20,000frs.

“It didn’t end here, after some days, he said I should send him 25,000 frs. I told him I did not have. I did not send. My boyfriend told me not to be scared. I woke up with my nudes everywhere on social media. I confronted my boyfriend who said he did that intentionally because he heard I cheated on him. This is challenging for me and my parents did not welcome it lightly.”

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Girl whose nudes went viral

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