In Cameroon for several days, the Ivorian artist “Tiesco Le Sultan” lives in a house offered to him by Samuel Eto’o.

The gesture of the FECAFOOT president would have remained in a secret if the artist had not made a post in which he thanked his benefactor.

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“Thanks to dad Samuel Eto’o for the house. I am definitely staying in Cameroon, life is better here,” Tiesco the Sultan wrote in a post on his Facebook page.

Samuel Eto’o loves the music World and is very close to several artistes in the African continent . Many people have benefited from Eto’o’s charity.

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Tiesco is not the only Ivorian artist with whom Samuel Eto’o is friends with. His colleague Kérosen received a surprise visit from the former Lions captain and his wife last year on his birthday.

In April 2021, the Ivorian artist Dj Kerozen blew out one more candle. On the occasion of his day, Samuel Eto’o and his wife visited the artist to wish him a happy birthday.

This gesture greatly touched the latter who wanted to thank them.

“It’s a monument! Thank you to the great Samuel Eto’o for the happy birthday. Thank you all, you brightened my day yesterday. I took the opportunity to wish a happy birthday to Georgette Eto’o”, he had writes in a post on his Facebook page.