Fast rising Cameroonian singer Bryan Frico went silent on the social media sphère for 2 years leaving the fans worried if he left music or he’s working on an album or has taken up another profession apart from his musical career.

In a recent photo posted on his social media page, we see him with popular francophone Cameroon based comedian Ma Jacky with a caption stating «  It’s not always about celebrating success . Sometimes is about celebrating ourselves for the courage to try again after the traumas and failures »

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Could this means he’s giving a chance in the comedy section of the entertainment industry ?

If this acclamations turns out right, this project will be an opening of the young rising artist to the French entertainment market and help Ma Jacky target the fast growing Anglophone community.

While waiting for thé projects Bryan Frico has for us this 2022, enjoy his last released single Cava Aller.