Till today, the real reasons for the distancing of Muriel Blanche and Marcelle Kuetche have never been disclosed. Their relatives nevertheless said that they tried to make reconcile to no avail. These two were very close, did comedy together and loved and supported each other.

In an interview with Muriel Blanche, the reporter asked her what if left of her relationship with Marcelle now.

She said :

“Human relationships are not based primarily on friendship but beyond that we have relationships that we can keep even though we are no longer friends. If Marcelle needs me today I will be there for her, and I think it’s reciprocated. What made Pakgne successful on the one hand was this bond that we had but at one point we grew professionally speaking, we have different goals, we have a different outlook on life. Everything that happens in life has a reason, and sometimes the reasons make us understand that certain situations are irreversible given life goes on, we continue to live normally but each on its own.”

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The journalist then asked if Muriel misses Marcelle and the actress said No.

While some still believed there might be a reconciliation between the two, this statement extinguished that glimmer of hope.

Last November, during the Meet and Greet organized by Nathalie Koah, the two young women were invited and present, but did not really greet each other for the evening.

Internet users had hoped that Nathalie Koah had invited the two actresses in order to reconcile them, but far from it. We can see that nothing has changed between the two and that we still do not see them together.