Married 8 months ago, Congolese millionaire Francis Mvemba and Cameroonian reality TV star Coco Emilia are reportedly separated. The two public figures are said to be in the process of divorce.

img 3307
Coco Emilia and Francis

This information is in full swing on the web especially in Ivory Coast, since the former presenter of the show “les lifeuses” deleted the Mvemba to leave only Emilia and Biscuit de mer on her social media handles (snapchat and Instagram). These handles previous had her husband’s name added to it.

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Coco Emilia removes the name “Mvemba” from her Instagram handle.

Questions are popping up on the web around this name change which could denote an unhealthy climate that reigns between Francis and his wife. She equally deleted all posts containing photos of herself with her husband.

img 3310 1
Coco Emilia removes the name “Mvemba” from her Snapchat handle.

Till now, none of them have made any statement in regards to this.

Note that the couple Francis and Coco Emilia Mvemba had their first child since August 9. Sophie July Emilia Mvemba is the name of this infant presented by Biscuit de mer on social media.